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Eclipse (Demo) Camp 2009 Berlin

Thursday 18 June 2009 at 5:06 pm As the most of you know on Tuesday 9th of June there was the Eclipse DemoCamp in Berlin. I took some photos but unfortunately my photographical abilities are not the best. Most of the pictures are unusable. So this article comes without graphical support.

You might wonder why 'Demo' in written in brackets. Well, just read the entry ;)

We had seven presentations this evening which I found quite a lot. I feared that seven presentations would be were exhausting but actually the opposite happened. The limitation to 15-20 minutes and the fast changed made the whole event very interesting.

In the beginning Ralph Mueller gave a nice and interesting overview about the activities of the Eclipse Foundation. For me it was the first time I heard this presentation. Some told me that this was definitively not the last time ;)

After that Alex Koderman gave a talk about verinice. Verinice is a management tool for information security which is build up on RCP. It supports security responsibles to keep track of the security aspects in their company.

After a small break Tom Ritter showed us the current state of the ModelBus Repository a SOA based platform to support model driven development. Unfortunately Tom could not show his demo, because they had to switch the database from another presentation to the demo dataset. Some problems avoided to manage this switch in time.

Then it was my part to show the current state of the Dawn development. After a short introduction A showed a demo of the currently available features. Thanks to the DemoCamp god that everything worked fine. Because when I arrived, started my laptop and checked the demo initially nothing work. Do no why. After a complete database reset everything was.

Then Eike Stepper gave us an introduction into Net4j the basic communication platform for CDO. For me as a network and communication fan this was very interesting. Before starting the demo he showed us show some code of the example and explained a bit the basic principles. Unfortunately he was also followed bad luck. His net4j demo did not start as expected. But Eike had an emergency solution prepared. So he tried to show his CDO demo. But by the nine hells, misfortune was on his side. The CDO demo crashed, too. But nevertheless seeing the very principles of net4j was very interesting for me.

After the second break we had two presentations left. First was Enrico who showed COPE an open source tool he also uses for his GenGMF project. COPE can migrated different models if the underlying met-model has changed. Pretty cool stuff. Well, but concerning the presentation - you might guess it - Enrico had problems with his demonstration-laptop's video output. So he could not show his demo, too.

As last presenter Max Bureck spoke about a graphical QVT/R editor he (as far as I remember) developed during his diploma thesis. He mentioned who he developed his graphical syntax and the problems he had with the details of the OMG standard.

After the presentations were over some participants meet in a local restaurant were we had nice talks an interesting discussions.

All in all it was a very nice evening. O.k. 'some' presenters had problems with their demonstrations, but I donít think that they were responsible for that. In fact, I am sure, two or three time a saw a small kobold speeding through the room. And he always showed that evil grin. Well he was damn fast so I am not sure.. but was he wearing a NetBeans t-shirt? ;)

Last but not least I'd like to thank Tom Ritter and Enrico Schnepel for the efforts they spend in organizing the DemoCamp. Well done.

Dawn and DemoCamps

Tuesday 09 June 2009 at 11:06 am Well, a bit late, but better than too late ;)
Today (9.6.) I will present Dawn on the Eclispe DemoCamp in Berlin. If you like to join, have a look at the Eclipse Wiki page.
If you miss the presentation you'll get another change at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Leipzig (23.9.2009).

O.k. now I should start to prepare the presentation ;)


Learning by wondering

Saturday 06 June 2009 at 12:30 pm Since I installed my blog software "Pivot" on my server I had problems with links and URLs. Every link had always the base-URL as prefix which led to links like http://mftech.org/blog/\"http://www.google.de\".
The root of the problem was easily found: While inserting the link something escaped the quotes which led to an unvalid string. First I thought that there was a bug in Pivot. So I installed the software for testing on my local web server and wondered...Everything worked fine.
But where was the difference between both servers? Difference between Windows and Linux? Nay.

Finally I found the cause in the php.ini. The parameter magic_quotes_gpc was set to 'on' on my server. And while it is, every string send by post, get or cookies will be escaped. After searching around I found out that this feature is deprecated since PHP 5 and removed in PHP 6.0. However, after switching it off everything worked fine. But I am still wondering about the default settings of my provider ...