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Finally we arrived

02 11 10 - 10:09 Finally we arrived. Well, the travel was not as relaxing as excepted. First, the train to the airport was delayed because some signals were damaged. Certainly, if the train in Berlin is delayed it is not easy to find a seat. Actually I was quite lucky that I managed to get into the train with my entire luggage.
Next, when we arrived at the airport we saw millions of people waiting for the check in. It took some time to figure out that the conveyor belts were damaged which led to a long delay at the check in. God bless the online check in which allowed us only to drop off our baggage which saved some times and nerves.

But enough with the whining. We finally arrived and that is all what matters ;) And I am quite sure that all the cool sessions will be a good compensation for the exhausting journey.

So if you also managed to get to the summit I recommend that you consider watching our talk on Wednesday. Hope to see you there. And enjoy the summit. :)
twelve comments

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An alarm rang at the idled No. 3 reactor of the Oi nuclear power plant Tuesday night, warning of falling water

levels in a cooling water tank for the reactor’s power generator, the plant’s operator said Wednesday.

There was no water leak from the tank and pipes, and the incident would not affect work to restart the reactor

in Fukui Prefecture, said the operator, Kansai Electric Power Co.

The announcement of the incident came about 10 hours after it Jimmy

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The alarm went off at about 9:50 p.m. Tuesday, warning that the water level in the tank had fallen at least 10

centimeters from the standard level, according to Kansai Electric and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety


Subsequent checks by plant workers showed there was some condensation on pipes, while the water level in the

tank was normal.
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“Given that Cote was unwilling to make waves during the tumultuous period in which he served as the CF ombudsman, it is unlikely he would be willing to swim upstream against the political current in his present post,” he said.

Elections Canada denied that the change in mid-stream would affect the robocalls or related investigations.

“There will be continuity,” said spokesman John Enright. “There is a new commissioner but the work of the Office of the Commissioner continues. It’s not going to impact their work at all.”

Chief among Cote’s responsibilities will be to decide what Jimmy Choo Shoes charges, if any, he will refer to Director of Public Prosecution Brian Saunders over the robocalls allegations.

By law, the commissioner of Canada elections is appointed by the chief electoral officer, not by Parliament or cabinet. Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand chose to use a competition process to fill the job, the same way many public service jobs are filled, with applicants assigned points for various qualifications.

It was up to Mayrand to decide how to fill the job, Enright said.
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