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The giants are in town

03 10 09 - 15:07 The giants are in town

Although this is bit off-topic, I am so fascinated with the stuff currently happening in Berlin that I must blog about it.

Due to the 19th anniversary of the German reunification and the 20th anniversary of the "Fall of the Wall" there is a big puppet show in the city.

The story of the play is easily told. Once, a huge giant lost his niece. He searched for her all over the world and crossed the seven seas. Finally they both appear in Berlin again to be reunited.

Yesterday the young female giant appeared in Berlin searching for hear uncle who was lost to hear long time ago. Well, this little girl is a huge marionette (about 25 feet / 7,5 m) hanging on a crane and being controlled by many hands.

Today her uncle appeared in Berlin. He rose up from the water at the "Humboldt Hafen". After that he crossed the Moltke-Bridge and rested for a while. This is where I watched him. Currently he is walking through Berlin right to the Siegessaeule (Column of victory) and then back to the Brandenburg Gate where he will meet his niece.

Tomorrow the will walk together through the city and finally leave by boat.

If you are in Berlin you definitively you should have a look at those amazing puppet and enjoy the show.

Well, to transfer this off-topic talk back to the world of Eclipse "A huge Giant and a smaller one, once walking separately, will be united to walk the same course." Does this sound like Dawn and CDO? Maybe I leave it up to you to decide which of them the big one is :D
three comments

Very funny, your Dawn/CDO comparison at the bottom :P
Eike Stepper (URL) - 03 10 09 - 17:22

Great !...

Ciao from Italy
Gatto999 (URL) - 23 02 10 - 11:22

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